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Lifestyle Changes After Weight Loss: What to Expect

Weight Loss
With physician-assisted weight loss, you can expect to see some amazing results, especially if you are dedicated about following the plan and taking the prescribed medications. Whether or not you are on an HCGassisted program or not, you want results that last.

After extreme weight loss, you'll experience many changes. Most of those changes will be positive, but some patients will also struggle with the idea of maintaining their weight, or they might have psychological challenges that are still present, even after seeing drastic improvement in physical health. 

This guide can help you navigate your new lifestyle after weight loss to make sure you keep your health while making the adjustment to living within a healthy weight range. 

Stick to Food Plans Approved by Your Doctor

After you've reached your goal weight, you might feel relieved to see some dietary restrictions and medication requirements lifted. People naturally feel a sense of freedom. However, it's important that you don't view the journey as being over. You should feel proud of your success, but don't allow that pride to affect your determination to stick with it.

Your doctors will give a meal plan to help ease you into maintaining your weight. Be as vigilant about following your maintenance plan as you were about following your weight-loss protocol. It's a skill that takes practice, and most people struggle with knowing how large their portions should be and how to enjoy their food when they no longer have the goal of fat loss. 

Be diligent about continuing to take medications. Many weight-loss prescriptions work by suppressing appetite, but immediately stopping these can result in a larger-than-life appetite that pushes you to eat much more than you need to. Research shows that your body will not slip into maintenance with ease. You still need medical supervision as you keep the weight off. 

View maintenance as another phase, instead of a finish line. If you view this portion of your weight-loss journey as part of the marathon, you're more likely to succeed than to gain back weight that you've worked so hard to lose. 

Recognize Your Weaknesses

Over the course of your weight-loss experience, you've probably learned more about food and nutrition than you ever knew before. Part of the knowledge you gain is self-awareness. Many people (even people who are at healthier weights) have a poor relationship with food that shapes their eating habits. 

Knowing your own downfalls about how you view food can help you make better choices about your health going forward. For example, if you know that loneliness is a trigger for overeating, you can recognize that you feel driven to eat because of this feeling and instead call a friend or go out for some social interaction. 

Stay Active

While the most effective weight loss comes from the kitchen, one of the keys to maintenance is increased physical activity. You might have slowly added in more exercise over the course of your doctor-assisted weight loss program, but once you are at a healthy weight - provided you don't have any prohibitive injuries or health conditions - staying active is important. 

Of course, an intense workout in the gym may not be possible for many patients. But you can have activity on the brain. For example, you might commit to taking a walk in the evenings instead of watching television after work, or you might decide to make outdoor activities like bike riding or hiking a focus of your weekend. 

You might get a step counter to encourage you to be more active during the day, especially if you have a job that keeps you sedentary. It's important to find something you enjoy doing, because if you don't enjoy it, you'll want to quit. Don't be afraid to try different classes and sports until you find something you genuinely look forward to each day. 

For more information about beginning your weight-loss program and what you can expect for the future, contact us at The Bariatric Clinic, P.A.