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Do You Need Medical Intervention for Weight Loss?

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A majority of adults who want to lose weight face a common struggle: losing the weight and keeping the weight off long-term. You find yourself in this same situation, following diets and exercise regimens only to find your weight creeping back up on you, or worse - being unable to lose unhealthy pounds no matter how hard you try.
Is medical intervention needed to guide you in your weight loss and help you stay healthy long-term? Use this guide to help you determine if medical weight loss intervention is right for you.
You Have Medical Reasons for Being Overweight
Certain medical conditions, such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), insulin resistance syndrome, and thyroid problems can cause your body's hormones to become imbalanced, leading to unwanted weight gain.
Your body produces a few hormones related to hunger. One is leptin, which controls appetite. The other, ghrelin, is the hormone responsible for hunger. Your preexisting medical condition may cause these hormones to either under- or overwork, causing increased hunger and even metabolism issues.
Medical intervention, including bariatric surgery and HCG injections, can help improve your chances of losing weight and keeping the pounds off. See a bariatric specialist to discover what medical weight loss treatments will work for you.
You Have a Physical Disability
You should be active at least 75 minutes a week to stay healthy, although doubling that goal is ideal according to health professionals. When you are unable to engage in moderate physical activity due to an injury or disability, you can have trouble losing weight.
Your body needs to burn calories in order to keep extra energy consumed by your body from turning into fat. Exercise strengthens your bones and muscles and helps burn your calorie intake off. Medical intervention, along with managing your calorie intake and following a healthy diet, can help you manage your weight even when physical activity is not an option.
You Can't Find a Diet That Works
Many diets are popular for weight loss, including high-protein diets, all-natural diets, high-healthy fat diets, and more. If you've tried every diet under the sun and still can't manage to keep weight off, you're not alone; ninety-five percent of dieters struggle to gain the weight loss and health results they want.
Consulting with a medical weight loss specialist helps in this area by allowing you access to professional nutritional care and guidance. The diets you follow likely don't work with your metabolism and lifestyle like they should, and you need a custom diet that works best for you.
You Are Ready to Give Up
You've struggled with excess weight for too long now and are ready to give up. You are discouraged by not knowing what you can do to finally manage your weight and figure the number on the scale is your lot in life.
Not so - medical intervention for weight loss can not only motivate you to be your healthiest self, but the medications and lifestyle advice you receive will be both manageable and able to give you the results you want. The first step in managing your weight is to want to be healthier, and seeking professional intervention will help you get to a healthier goal weight.
Losing weight is not easy, nor is weight loss a one-time thing. You need to work at maintaining your healthy body once you achieve your weight loss goals. Your medical weight loss specialist will guide you every step of the way so you can continue with a healthy lifestyle.
The right medical weight loss expert will give you custom care for your lifestyle and health needs. Our team of specialists is skilled in weight loss success for a variety of individuals. Call us at The Bariatric Clinic, P.A., today.